Takeyama Masahiko - metal netsuke of a snail

Circa 1880

A mixed metal netsuke of a snail slithering along a log. The muscular foot stetches forward from its shell as it explores the knobbly textured the bark. The mollusc’s shibuichi body is lightly enhanced with traces of gold and the log is covered in gold leaf.

For Takeyama Masahiko, see also Robert Haynes, The Index of Sword Fittings and Associated Artists, Ellwangen, Germany, Nihon Art Publishers, 2001, no. H03766. “Masahiko was a pupil of Wada Isshin (1814-1882) and may also have studied under Goto Ichijo (1791-1876)“

Signed in cursive script: 真彦作 Masahiko saku
Length: tbc

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