Books and Catalogues

Rosemary Bandini Catalogue 2015

Japanese netsuke, ojime, kiseruzutsu and inrō

Autumn 2015

Rosemary Bandini Teddy Hahn 2014

Japanese netsuke from the collection of Teddy Hahn

November 2014

Rosemary Bandini Catalogue 2013

Japanese netsuke, inrō and lacquerware

October 2013

Rosemary Bandini In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell – Japanese Netsuke from European collections

May 2013

Rosemary Bandini Catalogue 2010

Japanese netsuke, inrō and works of art


Rosemary Bandini - Tiny Titans

Tiny Titans: the sumo netsuke collection of Karl-Ludwig Kley


Shishi and other netsuke


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