Japanese netsuke and sagemono

Summer 2020 Catalogue

As our world lockdown continues and the days flash by at an alarming speed it seems the appetite for netsuke and works of art continues unabated.

Since meeting face to face has become quite a logistical nightmare, I have taken this opportunity to compile an online catalogue of some of the items I have in stock. As always, Mieko Grey manages to teach me something about subject matter, this time picking out a detail I had missed in the design of the Shogyoku kiseruzutsu. Learning something of the deeper meaning of a subject is always pleasing and I hope you will enjoy reading about the pieces shown in this selection. As always, Ken Adlard has taken the photographs and Adrian Franks has designed the catalogue to bring the whole project together. My thanks, as always, go to them.

Click here to view the virtual catalogue

Rosemary Bandini catalogue
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