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I am happy to present a selection of some of her latest stock, which includes some unusual netsuke and fine inro.

Matsuda Sukenaga (1800-1871)
Hida Takayama, mid-19th century

Signed within a rectangular reserve: Sukenaga

Width: 4.1cm

A recumbent ox raises its head as a herdsboy, wearing a straw head-covering and check-patterned jacket, balances on it back. He smiles happily as he grasps the animal’s halter in one hand and a flute in the other.

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Specialising in antique Japanese netsuke and inro, Rosemary Bandini started her career in the Japanese department of Sotheby’s in 1977, before marrying Luigi Bandini of Eskenazi Ltd. With him, Rosemary worked on the preparation of exhibition catalogues until 1996, subsequently organizing two further exhibitions for Eskenazi. Read more.

Rosemary Bandini Japanese Netsuke - Latest Acquisitions

Latest acquisitions netsuke and inro

A six-case inro with a design of Kannon seated in a rocky landscape

Yamaguchi Shojosai (1900-1978), 1946
A six-case inro with a design of Kannon seated in a rocky landscape.

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