Japanese Works of Art

Sasaki Settei

Echizen. Circa 1870

Okimono of Gama Sennin. The ascetic laughing as he cradles his familiar, a three-legged toad. His robes, fluttering gently in the breeze, are secured with a mugwort girdle. A small number of Gama Sennin by Settei are known, together with a Hotei and a wood drummer sold by Rosemary Bandini Ltd in October 2013 and published in the catalogue of that date. His work is very spirited and facial expressions are gently caricatured. His carving has been compared to that of Hokyudo Itsumin, but he is now recognised as a pupil of Sessai from Echigo province.

Signed under the skirt: Settei

Height: 14.4cm

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