Netsuke Articles

by Rosemary Bandini

A small selection of articles on netsuke, sagemono, inro and japanese art. Keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter – see Contact page.

Red Flags

Red Flags … the thorny problem of assessing works of art and their authorship

Jiraiya with kiseru

Seeing my puzzled look… he brandished it with the controlled grace of a trained martial artist.

Genuine antiques, made before 1947, containing worked ivory can be sold in the UK and transferred to most EU countries (with the exception of France) without a licence.  Should you wish to take antiques containing ivory to a country outside the EU it will be necessary to obtain CITES permits for them in advance of shipment.  This is a straightforward process with which we will be happy to assist.

Under current regulations no antique ivory can be imported to or exported from the USA.

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