Yashima Boshu (1925-2001)

Toyama, circa 1970

A faceted bronze vase, the design of the geometric lozenges with inner etched diamond shaped lines that echo the facets. Signed on the base: Bōshū The hakogaki inscribed: 菱紋、鋳銅花瓶。望舟、望舟 “Hishimon, chūdō kabin, Bōshū, with the seal Bōshū” [Faceted lozenge pattern, cast bronze flower vessel, Bōshū, with the seal Bo-shu-]

Yashima Bōshū was born Yashima Yukio in Takaoka City, Toyama prefecture. He studied metalwork under Katori Masahiko. His work was shown at numerous Nihon Dento- Ko-geiten exhibitions (Japan Traditional Crafts Association) and he was a member of the Japan Art Crafts Association, where he served as a Jury member for the Toyama region.

Height: 21.6cm, width: 22.0cm

Yashima Boshu
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