Meiji (1868-19XX)

A lacquered fumibako with an interior tray. A gnarled branch of flowering wisteria twists its way up on side of the container, spreading its way over the lid with blooms and foliage cascading over the edges, while tendrils of new growth feel their way forward in search a new anchor point.

Takamakie and hiramakie over a mura-nashiji ground. Interior: mura-kirikane. The mixed-metal tie-fittings in the form of multi-petalled chrysanthemums.

Japanese wisteria (fuji) bloom in May and June and are emblematic of summer, as well as being the mon of the ruling Fujiwara clan. In the Tales of Genji, the hero’s first love is named Fujitsubo, a reference by Lady Murasaki to her mistress, Fujiwara no Shoshi (who was wed to Emperor Ichijo in 1000), so named for the magnificent wisteria blooming in her courtyard.

Dimensions: 14.5cm x 18.6cm x 14.0cm

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