Yukawa (Yushen)

circa 1910

A bamboo nyoi (sceptre), in the mingei tradition. The twisted bamboo stem forms a compact double curl at its point. The sections are inscribed with a quote from the Buddhist scripture: 大悲無倦常照我 Daihi muken jō shōga [The Light of Great Compassion never ceases to shine on me untiringly) This quote is taken from the 教行信証 Kyōgyō-shinshō written by Priest Shinran 親鸞聖人(1173-1263), Jodo Shinshu (Shin sect of the Pure Land School) High Priest.

Signed: Yukawa-tō. The cut end of the bamboo incised: 竹庵 Chikuan [The Bamboo Studio]

Length: 30.0cm

Yukawa (Yusen)
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