Unsigned, attributed to Kokusai

Asakusa, circa 1860

Obi hasami netsuke unsigned, attributed to Kokusai

A stag antler obi hasami netsuke of a mythical animal, The creature’s head seems to be supported at the chin by two short-limbed curling arms. Beady eyes peer out from beneath thick brows and the long proboscis-like nose descends into wide flaring nostrils. The ‘body’ is carved with a double lozenge shape within a cartouche. The back of the creature’s head has a design of formalised scales fringed by straight falling hair.

Although unsigned, details such as the eyes depicted as a simple circle with a dot for the pupil and the triangular design to the back are reminiscent of some of Kokusai’s monkey obi hasami carvings.

Unsigned, attributed to Kokusai

Length: 9.2cm

Richard R. Silverman collection
Roger L. Weston collection

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