Rimpa revival suzuribako - Unsigned

Early Taisho (1912-1926)

Domed suzuribako

A domed suzuribako decorated in the Rimpa revival style with a praying mantis that has alighted on windswept autumn grasses. Small metal beads appear as drops of dew and inlays of mother-of-pearl and aogai suggest a luminous moonlit glow to the scene, set against a roiro ground. The underside of the cover shows a lone crow perched on a gnarled tree branch with sparse foliage, framed against an enormous moon, water and rocks to one side. The mood is one of the passing of summer and the arrival of an autumnal chill. The simple design of the interior fittings provides a foil to the rich exterior.

Roiro ground decorated in gold and polychrome takamakie with details in keuchi, inlays in mother-of-pearl, aogai and pewter.

Rimpa revival suzuribako
Rimpa revival suzuribako
Underside of cover


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