Koma Sozan

19th century

A gold lacquered inro with a metal inlay depicting the warrior Benkei hurtling from a steep cliff, his mallet and sword preceding him in his fall. This dynamic scene is framed by clouds, boughs of pine and cherry, while the reverse shows a cherry blossoms falling softly around a castle. Kinji ground with design in gold takamaki-e, interior: nashiji. The metal inlay in gold, silver and shakudo takazogan.

Signed: Hakuhosai Koma Sozan saku

Height: 8.2cm

Douglas J.K. Wright
Edward A. Wrangham collection

Wrangham, E.A., The Index of Inro Artists, 1995, p. 276

Bonham’s London, The Edward Wrangham collection of Japanese art, Part II, 10th May 2011, lot 237

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