Snarling Tiger Netsuke - Ranmei

Kyoto, circa 1830

Tiger netsuke
Ranmei ivory tiger

A snarling tiger turns to look over its right side, one forepaw resting on its hind leg, as if disturbed by something nearby. Compactly carved with its long tail flexing up over it back, its head is held low as it stretches its neck forward in a defensive movement. The stripes of its pelt are worn smooth on its back.

Ranmei ivory tiger
Ranmei ivory tiger

Signed in an oval reserve: Ranmei.

Width: 4.1cm

Harriet Szechenyi collection

Bandini, Rosemary, Shishi and other Netsuke, the collection of Harriet Szechenyi, London 1999, p. 72, no. 96

Signature Ranmei
Signature Ranmei