Teiji - pottery manju depicting Raijin

Edo (Tokyo), circa 1860

A polychrome pottery manju depicting Raijin, the god of thunder, peering down though a gap in the clouds, his drum secured in a cloth sling on his back. He steadies himself with one hand against the cloud as he leans forward. Decoration in cream, blue, green and blue-green glaze against a brownish ground.

Bushell (Collectors’ Netsuke p. 166) records that Teiji was permitted to build a kiln inside the Tokyo garden of Matsudaira Yoshitake (lord of the Takasu clan of Gifu).This kiln was named Kaisuien, (Great Green Jade Pavilion). Meinterzhagen meanwhile records that a potter called Akiyama Teiji of Nagoya exhibited in the Paris Exhibition of 1878, suggesting that this might be the same craftsman.

Signed in incised characters: Teiji
Diameter: 3.6cm

Lazarnick, G., MCI, page 859

Signature Teiji
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