Tanaka Minko (1735-1816)

Tsu, circa 1800

A large pale wood model of a Daruma doll, the monk’s face peering out dolefully from his tightly wrapped robe as he is awakened from his 9 years of meditation. When tapped lightly on its head, the eyes change from a luminous blue aogai shell inlay to a smouldering red and black painted appearance.

The back signed with inscription: 津藩人岷江圖并彫工 with kao (津藩人岷江図并彫工 in modern kanji characters) “Tsuhan jin, Minko zu narabini cho-ko-” [Designed and carved by Minko, a retainer at the Tsu domain].

Height: 4.1cm

Signature Tanaka Minko
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