Miwa - Wood netsuke of a Ungyo

Edo (Tokyo), circa 1850

Wood netsuke of Ungyo

A wood netsuke of a Ungyo, one of the two Kongo Rikishi (Nio) who guard temple gates. His left hand forms a fist, but is pulled back to his waist, while his right hand is held up in a gesture of interdiction. The name Ungyo refers to his closed mouth and indicates his restrained power. A soft scarf encircles his powerful shoulders and arms and the loose robes are incised with a sparse design of waves. The eyes are inlaid in brass. Repairs to feet and base.

Wood netsuke of Ungyo
Rear view of wood netsuke of Ungyo

Signed: Miwa with square kao
Height: 6.1cm

Signature Miwa
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