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Year of the Tiger

A quotation from the American playwright and raconteur, Wilson Mizner, recently made me smile:

“A fellow who is always declaring he is no fool usually has his suspicions”.

It set me to thinking about the thorny problem of assessing works of art and their authorship. The word ‘expert’ is frequently used to describe someone with in-depth knowledge and experience of a particular field – established dealers, collectors and auction house authorities, where the term ‘specialist’ is perhaps a more useful one. Our knowledge evolves constantly (at least it is to be hoped so). Only the most arrogant would claim to know everything, which is why huge court cases sometimes take place when the authenticity of a costly piece is questioned. It behoves us all to be prepared to learn and, if necessary, to change our opinions. Having said that, the advantage of spending many years in a particular sphere and handling and studying countless artifacts, imparts knowledge of certain things and an instinct begins to develop.

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Rosemary Bandini Japanese Netsuke Catalogue 2019

The latest fully illustrated catalogue – Japanese netsuke and Sagemono (Summer 2020) – is available

Specialising in antique Japanese netsuke and inro, Rosemary Bandini started her career in the Japanese department of Sotheby’s in 1977, before marrying Luigi Bandini of Eskenazi Ltd. With him, Rosemary worked on the preparation of exhibition catalogues until 1996, subsequently organizing two further exhibitions for Eskenazi. Read more.

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