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Rosemary Bandini is pleased to offer this selection of netsuke and kiseruzutsu from the items gathered over the last year, now that we are at last free to visit old friends and suppliers. The search to find objects that have not come from auction gets ever more challenging, so it is ever more gratifying to locate another treasure.

Unsigned – snake netsuke
Circa 1850

Width: 3.8cm

A snake twists its long, reticulated body, the tail looping as it unfurls from its coils and raises its head watchfully. The serpent’s scales are meticulously detailed and the eyes are inlaid in horn with pierced pupils.

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Specialising in antique Japanese netsuke and inro, Rosemary Bandini started her career in the Japanese department of Sotheby’s in 1977, before marrying Luigi Bandini of Eskenazi Ltd. With him, Rosemary worked on the preparation of exhibition catalogues until 1996, subsequently organizing two further exhibitions for Eskenazi. Read more.

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